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Using a Deer Fence to Protect Vegetable Gardens, Flowers, and the Yard

Many property owners, even those in urban environments, have trouble with wildlife damaging their landscaping and gardens. Deer and rabbits are common problem critters. The home's residents may not mind being able to view some wildlife in the neighborhood, but they don't want the creatures eating their garden vegetables and ornamental flowers. Specially designed deer fencing can end these problems and keep the plants safe from wildlife-related destruction.

A Constant Battle

Homeowners may feel like they are doing constant battle with deer and rabbits. It can greatly reduce their fondness for animals that used to be fun to watch. They hate the idea of trapping rabbits, and they have no idea what to do about the deer, which can easily jump over a standard-height chain link fence. Deer fencing from a supplier such as Benner's Gardens is more effective at keeping wildlife out of the yard.

A Short Fence

A four-foot-tall fence easily stops rabbits from getting into an area. The spaces must be small enough so the critters can't work their way through. To block deer, a four-foot-tall fence will be suitable as long as it has a covering. People often use these structures for vegetable gardens. The cage over the vegetable garden is also useful for keeping the household's dog out if the pet wants to chomp on tomatoes or other plants, a situation some pet owners must deal with.

Taller Fencing

Taller fencing is necessary to protect backyards so deer don't simply leap over. People obviously don't want to have their entire yard fenced in with a horizontal fence on the top, turning the space into a big cage.


It should be noted that some animals will not be deterred by these structures. Squirrels can climb the fence, for example. Wild turkeys can fly over it. Other solutions will be necessary if these animals have become pests. However, the fence is effective for blocking deer, rabbits, skunks, raccoons, and many other animals that people don't want in the yards.

Concluding Thoughts

People often never actually see the animals doing damage in the yard since so many are somewhat or primarily nocturnal. The property owners wake up in the morning, open the drapes, and discover their tulip patch has been decimated. The property owners head out to the garden to do some harvesting and find that the food they had been looking forward to eating has vanished. It's no wonder why they want to order fencing that effectively blocks wildlife.